Very proud to be featured collector in January 2015 edition of Record collector Magazine 😀
The feature contains a number of tuff questions answered by myself regarding ALL things records, a selection of 12 photos of my much loved records & even a photo of a tired looking me again with record! it was a Sunday lunch interview / photo shoot after a heavy dance the night before with only 4 hours sleep lol .   The photo (John Tree photograpy) below is from the shoot, but not used in print.
Anyway very happy & proud to contribute & be involved… here is a snippet 😉

“What do you collect & why?
These days I only collect roots reggae. As a kid I had a paper round and a Saturday job working on a farm. I didn’t buy sweets – from the age of nine all my money was spent on records. I still have many of the ones from back then, mostly heavy rock such as AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Rainbow. But even in the late 70s and early 80s I liked reggae and ska, so I’ve also got original releases by Musical Youth, Madness, Specials and Bob Marley too.
Everything changed when I built the sound system.”

Copies on sale here….

Nick Sasquash - record collector 8