Greetings All….  Wow… what a busy couple of months… so many session’s.  Thank you to all who already bought our current release (copies still available in our bay store if ya still not got your copy 😉

Also all those who made it to our recent dances & sound clash, Big thanks,

Out now – 5th June 2013!  

Official DVD & Audio (x4 cd) filmed by Rooftop Recording’s of the Historic Fire & Brimestone ‘War’ Sound Clash – Operation Sound System V’s Goverment Machine is now available direct here:

Quoted from Gita Shakti – DUBCENTRAL Sheffield

“This was a legendary soundclash between Goverment & Operation Soundsysem on Saturday 18th May 2013 in Preston.

For all of you who could not attend, this was a legendary event and will not be forgotten. Please watch out for the video to come soon and you can see for yourselves what happened.”

“Operation Soundsystem selection of Dubs & Roots was the best music played out of the two sounds.

All of Operations exclusive dubs shattered the room with no doubts. The appreciation for Operations dubs and riddims were shown by the crowd, and everyone at the dance surged forward to the control tower when Operation played with enough vibes.   The space was empty when Goverment played, and I hear no one chanting Goverments name. Goverment you had a few heads standing united, but no-one else from the crowd present came to join you in the dance in your corner.

Operation won the battle of ‘Dub fi Dub’ with their exclusive selections.

Goverment you played the last tune in the dance as we had run out of time, do you remember what happened? The people put their coats on and left the room. Your last selection Goverment you said “this was still a war”, but it had already been won!”

I will upload clips from the actual DVD as soon as I wprk out how to do so. The audio quality & footage in the DVD is MUCH better quality than in the phone clips below, however, they will give you a good idea as to the vibes.

Here are a few youtube clips of the ‘War’ CLASH recorded only on mobile phone enjoy ;-)….

The Official Clash DVD filmed by Rooftop Recordings contains Over 4 hours of quality footage & good quality audio.

The DVD pics up the vibes & SOUND very well, You can hear the people scream, shout, & blow dem whistles & horns…..

Read all the big talk & hype surrounding the clash during the build in the weeks before here:


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I will be posting agin next month with news of our next release “Jah soldier” from Ras Daddy Taecha & upcoming live sessions. (you can listen to the new release on the new Clash DVD followed by one away dubplate cut “We are Operation” !)


All for now

Bass & Love every time